We only need to type KY on Google and the first record to appear is Kylie Jenner.

Many people already know who she is, but others have only heard her name: so who is Kylie Jenner?

More than 120 million followers on Instagram (and counting!); countless surgeries despite her young age; 900 million dollars earnt by her company “Kylie Cosmetics” (which allowed her to make it to the Olympus of Forbes’ 60 richest self-made women). And all of that by the age of 21. These are extreme numbers to describe such a young girl; but in the United States of wild competition, Kylie has proven to be a master of all things extreme.

It would be easy to identify the reason for her success in her family. Kylie herself said in an interview that she couldn’t remember what her life was like before she became famous: being the daughter of fashion stylist and entrepreneur Kris Houghton along with all the other Kardashian sisters, she was born with that lifestyle. Nevertheless, there is a lot of people who spend their lives standing in their famous relatives’ shadow. Clearly, that is not the case for the youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters. In fact, she has shown great entrepreneurial skills by using her family’s fame as a trampoline to launch her own brand. 

K.J. Forbes’ Front Page

She is known to cuddle her fans that is, her first buyers always eager to shop when she refills the shelves of her virtual store with her latest line of make-up products – by sharing with them each part of her professional and private life, such as the moment of her daughter Stormi’s birth in February.

So, what kind of marketing campaign would be more effective than putting herself on the front line with the revelation that the idea for her iconic lip kit origins from the satisfaction of her need to make her lips bigger? And which name could be more impressive than one that includes the founder’s name, like in the case of two nail polishes called “wear something Spar-Kylie” and “Rainbow in SKylie”?

In the end we can say that the key factors of her success are for sure her authenticity and boldness in sharing each and every aspect of her life and above all her aptitude to stick to the passions that gave her the opportunity to create her empire.

“If you’re different, or if you think something about you is just weird and out of the ordinary,

 I just think that’s so dope” – Kylie Jenner on Twitter

K. Jenner

Alessandra Castellano