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Women in Business and Finance (WiBF) is an association of young female students who share a passion for economics and finance.


WiBF aims to promote economics and finance through workshops, mentors and networking events, providing members who wish to make a career in business or finance with the information and network needed to do so.


To date, WiBF’s network consists of more than 100 students and 30 alumnae and supporters, 2 venues, with 7 nationalities, 5 undergraduate and  8 graduate faculties.


WiBF provides young economics and finance enthusiasts with an innovative network which, through the culture of diversity and inclusion, promotes female empowerment and shapes personal ambitions, creating direct contact between universities and the working environment and helping its associated with discovering your own Leadership style


WiBF wants to be the reference community in Italy for young people who share an interest in economic and financial matters, offering itself as a privileged tool to bring about change, contribute to success and enhance female excellence.


The structure of WiBF consists of the first level is the national presence represented by the National board of Directors which has the aim to coordinate the management of the whole association; while the second level is composed by all WiBF local, that is all WiBF offices scattered around the universities of Italy. The objective of the double levelling is to ensure and take care of the projects on a territorial level and at the same time to be able to exploit the national network of women leaders of the future.

Hey, I'm Eleonora!

Capire la diversità e creare ambienti inclusivi in cui far nascere nuove idee è sicuramente difficile, ma non impossibile. E se si riesce a farlo il Give back è garantito e senz’altro autentico. [..]

Questa volta, noi ragazze abbiamo l’opportunità di diventare le protagoniste del cambiamento, facendo emergere quelle che sono e saranno le eccellenze femminili in Italia. Sono convinta che con le giuste informazioni e una buona guida noi giovani possiamo davvero arrivare ovunque.

Eleonora Mastrippolito

Fondatrice & Presidente di WiBF Italia

Don’t let rejection create self-doubt. The founder of Starbucks was turned down by 217 of the 242 investors he initially spoke with.

Elizabeth Galbut

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Pausa Caffè con Aya

30 Maggio, h: 15:00

WiBF incontra Giulia D'Amato

29 Maggio, h: 15:00

Pausa Caffè con Carolina Venosi

25 Maggio, h: 15:00

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WiBF gathers talented, ambitious young women who are enthusiastic about Economics and Finance, working together to implement projects aimed at filling the gender gap in employment.