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Women in Business and Finance

First Women's Association at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

About us

Women in Business and Finance (WiBF) is a student association made up of young women from the Catholic University who share a passion for economics and finance.

The association aims to promote economics and finance through workshops, talks and networking events.
WiBF empowers associates who wish to have a career in business, with the support of Partners, Alumne and HFS.

To date, WiBF’s network consists of 70 students and 10 alumnae and supporters, with a 70% yearly growth rate in the number of the associates.


Our mission is to foster our associates’ professional development by creating a «pink» network that brings together students and alumnae passionate about Economics and Finance


Our vision is to be a voice for all female students of business and economics fields at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore


Our structure is goal-oriented and consists of four main areas: Partnership for Firms, Partnership for Non Profit, Mentoring and Communication

Our Partners

Events Partners

Meet our Team

Diletta Viti

Chairwoman Mentoring

Maria Febbo

Chairwoman Partnership for Firm

Flavia Busti

Chairwoman Partnership for Non Profit

Eleonora Mastrippolito

Founder & President


Elisa Barbera

Chairwoman Marketing and Communication

Elena Crocelle

Chairwoman Alumnae

Domiziana Carpenzano

Chairwoman Students

Would you like to join us?

WiBF gathers talented, ambitious young women who are enthusiastic about Economics and Finance, working together to implement projects aimed at filling the gender gap in employment.